Chapmans Peak.JPG
Chapmans Peak

JB land surveyors recently did an unmanned aerial survey of a portion of Chapmans Peak. The client required an accurate 3D model of a gulley so that they could bounce virtual rocks down and determine where best to put safety nets to prevent the rocks from reaching the road.

Bantry Hills Construction surveying
Bantry Hills

JB land surveyors completed the setting out for the 13 storey, 61 luxury apartment development in Bantry Bay.

Surveying winch base
Precise engineering survey of winch bolt holes

JB land surveyors was asked to determine the relative position of winch bolt holes, to 2mm accuracy, so that the bolts could be prepositioned on the ship it is to be installed on. All holes were measured from 2 different setups and a least squares adjustment was done to determine precision estimates. The biggest residual was 1mm !

Clifton Terraces construction
Clifton Terraces

JB land surveyors are just finishing the setting out of the 10 storey block of  apartments above Clifton first beach. This included a huge, sloped excavation which took over a year to complete as well as all the columns and gridline positions.

Belleville Waste management Facility footings and columns
Bellville Waste Management Facility

JB land surveyors were appointed to setout a new recycling center in Bellville. This involved setting out all the piles, 8m high columns and the bolts on top of the columns. The bolts had to be setout to a high degree of accuracy to ensure that the steel roof structure fitted properly. It did - perfectly.

Farm beacon in Swellendam
Survey of unsurveyed state land

Large areas of unsurveyed state land in the Swellendam, Riviersonderend and Riversdale nature reserves, were surveyed and diagrams were framed, to enable registration and transfer of the land. Many days were spent climbing high mountains and searching for beacons that were over 100 years old. This has to go down as our most memorable survey to date!